Frequently Asked Questions

The 2006FanPoster is the FanPoster for the 2006 Fifa World Cup and can be seen on the day of the final game in Berlin!

Until then we allow 2006 Fans to join the 2006FanPoster to show their support and enthusiasm for the greatest sporting event of the year!

  1. Where exactly will it be shown?
  2. How big will it be?
  3. How can I take part?
  4. What is a FanPoster?
  5. Why do I need to specify my email address?
  6. Can I support my country even though it is not qualified?
  7. Can I contact you?


Where exactly will it be shown?

The Fanposter will be on display on the Fanmile in Berlin right next to the Fan Embassy!

How big will it be?

We estimate the Fanposter to be 3×2 meters (125×78 inch) – which will give each FAN a square of roughly 5×5 centimeters (2×2 inch).

How can I take part?

Step 1 Find a field on the map that hasn’t been taken yet and click on it.
Step 2 Enter Your Name and Email address. This address is kept confidental and will under no circumstances handed out to third parties.
Step 3 A confirmation mail will be sent to you which will verify you as a unique Fan and allows you to upload your FanPicture. Just follow the link given in the mail.
Step 3 Upload Your FanPicture, specify the country you want to support, express your support with your favorite cheer or statement and enter additional information if you want. DONE.


What is a FanPoster?

A Fanposter (concatenated noun consisting of Fan and Poster) refers to a community of Fans (supporter) sharing common interests in a particular sport, hobby or genre who want to express their relation within this community by placing themselves on a poster (map) in close proximity.

Why do I need to specify my email address?

We have dedicated 2006 fields for the best fans on the web. In order to acertain that each fan gets equal rights to express its support we can only allow one field to be taken each. In order to assure that we kindly ask you for your unique email address to verify that. We guarantee you that your email address will not be handed to third parties or used for any other purpose!

Can I support my country even though it is not qualified?

Yes, of course! As a fan we don’t need to qualify to be part of the greatest event of the year! You can be enthusiastic about your team even though it hasn’t been qualified (for the world cup 2006 😉 At the end we all will watch the games and get excited about great soccer.

Can I contact you?

Yes, we are very glad about any kind of feedback. Please provide us with your comments, ideas, wishes, etc. by sending a mail to